Step 3: Don’t Get Trapped By FREE Sugar Daddy Dating

Don’t Get Trapped By FREE Sugar Daddy Dating

It’s great to see that you’ve made it to step three. We hope that you have already been enjoying your time spent reading through our guide on Sugar Daddy Dating. How have the Sugar Daddy Dating sites been working out for you so far? Good, we hope! Now that you have joined a couple Sugar Daddy Dating sites, we’re going to talk about FREE sugar daddy dating sites. In the previous article, we told you that sometimes it’s best to avoid FREE sugar daddy dating sites as there are plenty of ways someone can scam another person on them. While that still remains true, not everyone can subscribe to a number of paid Sugar Daddy Dating sites. If you’re on the lookout for some FREE sugar daddy dating, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to get what you need without getting burned. Read more now!

Why Can Free Sugar Daddy Dating be Dangerous?

There are a number of reasons why free online dating can be dangerous in general let alone FREE sugar daddy dating. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that you can’t find what you want or need on a FREE sugar daddy dating site, but we are going to tell you a couple of the risks that come with taking the plunge into the FREE sector of this world AND we’ll tell you how to figure out the red flags. We know that a lot of Sugar Babies out there are looking for their Daddy to help them out. Sometimes it’s for a lot more than just money, but some babies really need a helping hand for their wallet. That’s why FREE sugar daddy dating sounds so appealing! But just consider… if a Sugar Daddy doesn’t have enough money to join a Sugar Daddy Dating site, is he really a Sugar Daddy? Why did he need to join a FREE sugar daddy dating site? When you’re signing up for a FREE sugar daddy dating site, here’s our list of phony behavior we think you should look out for.

Weeding Out the Fake Sugar Daddies

Alright, so you’re going to give FREE sugar daddy dating a shot. Once again, we HIGHLY suggest you consider paid services to get the best experience and the best results. However, if that’s just not a possibility for you, we’re going to share with you some top ways to tell a Sugar Daddy is NOT the real deal. The reason we’re listing these things here is because it’s SO MUCH EASIER for a fake Sugar Daddy to join up with FREE sugar daddy dating than it is for them to do so when they’ve put their money where their mouth is with a PAID subscription. The good part about this is that you can use these tips to avoid scams on both paid AND FREE sugar daddy dating sites. So let’s start!

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #1: “Send me Nude Pics”

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #1: How about no? Alright, let’s dissect this a little bit. The Sugar Daddy is a professional. He is diplomatic, charming, sweet, and caring. He is more times than not a little more on the traditional side. He is sophisticated and suave. There is nothing about “send me nude pics” that says any of these descriptions. ‘Send me nudes’ screams immature and horny teenaged boy or overall scumbag. NOT Sugar Daddy. While Sugar Daddies can range in age and be as young as 30 years old, they are ALWAYS charming, polite, and fun.

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #2: “Test You Out”

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #2: Can you believe that it’s happened? It has! Some Sugar Babies start chatting with a potential Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Daddy tells them that they have to ‘test her out first’. Hard to believe, we know! This SCREAMS scam. You are a Sugar Baby, not a car that someone can just ‘try out’. Chatting and having a few dates with your potential Sugar Daddy IS the test period. If he wants to talk arrangement but won’t deliver anything until he’s ‘tried you out’, then block him. Good-bye, see you later. He’s no good.

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #3: “Pay Per Meeting”

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #3: You might recall in an earlier article we briefly touched base on Pay for Play, or Pay Per Meeting. This is exactly what it sounds like: you get paid every time you ‘meet up’. While there is nothing wrong with escorts as we have mentioned before, a Sugar Baby is NOT an escort and this relationship shouldn’t be treated like one. When you’re browsing your FREE sugar daddy dating site and a Sugar Daddy starts to talk to you, you might want to jump right in! So keep a very close watch out for all of these scam alerts we’re telling you about. Pay Per Meeting is not an arranged relationship. If your Sugar Daddy can’t afford or WONT give you an allowance, get out of there!

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #4: All About The Money

Free Sugar Daddy Dating Phoney #4: All About The Money A Sugar Daddy is rich. Some are even millionaires. A Sugar Daddy can be any race, any religion, any relationship status, and they can even be any age (although the majority of them are older)! The one BIG THING that Sugar Daddies have in common is the size of both their wallet and their heart. Any rich man can pay for a date or two, but only a rich man with a big heart wants to take of a Sugar Baby so he can dote upon her and share his riches with her. Many Sugar Babies even start up businesses and other professional endeavours with the help of their Sugar Daddy. So all that being said, we’re going to bring your attention right back to one of the very first things we said about FREE sugar daddy dating . If he is a REAL Sugar Daddy, wouldn’t he have the money to spare to sign up in order to find a Sugar Baby? It’s alright, we know that you want to enjoy a FREE sugar daddy dating site, so here’s our last tip for you: If he’s talking money all the time, he probably doesn’t have it.

We hope that you enjoyed this article! Are ready to take the plunge into the next one talking about how to hook up through multiple Sugar Daddy Dating Websites?

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