Step 5: Online to Offline – How to Date a Sugar Daddy

Online to Offline – How to Date a Sugar Daddy

You’ve been reading through all the great tips in this guide so far and if you’ve been applying some of our tips you’ve probably taken a look at our reviews to find the best Sugar Daddy Dating sites out there. Now it’s time to get real. After joining some Sugar Daddy Dating Websites and perfecting your profile, you’ve found a couple of Sugar Daddies that sound like they could be a real winner. Maybe you’re not 100% sure yet or you just need a little guidance on getting offline. We have everything you need to know to make that happen! Keep reading!

Making Sure The Online Conversation is Good

We’ve said in some of the above articles that when the conversation is good with a potential Sugar Daddy, you should want to arrange an in person meet as soon as possible. How do you make that first message to a Sugar Daddy, though? We don’t subscribe to the idea that you should wait around for a Sugar Daddy to reach out (although it’s always nice for them to initiate first). If you find someone that piques your interest, you should absolutely go for it! There’s just a couple suggestions we have for you when it comes to making that transition from online to offline. We’re going to show you How to Date a Sugar Daddy with easy steps starting on your computer and finishing in the bedroom!

How to Date a Sugar Daddy: First Message

How to Date a Sugar Daddy: First MessageWhen you’re first discovering How to Date a Sugar Daddy, the opening message might be a little difficult for you. Like we mentioned above: a lot of the times it is assumed that the man must start the conversation and not the other way around. Sometimes that’s what both partners want, a more traditional method of interacting. If that’s what you’re up for, then don’t sweat it! There is definitely a Sugar Daddy that will interact with you soon enough. But if you’re looking in to How to Date a Sugar Daddy that is a little less traditional, initiating through sending the first message is one of the best ways to find out if he’s interested. So what goes into the first message? It’s been proven time and time again on a myriad of online dating websites and blogs both in the Sugar Bowl and outside of it that the first message should always be short and sweet. You don’t want to say anything raunchy, you don’t want to brag about yourself. You DO want to say something simple like, “Hi, how are you? I noticed (something about their profile). This interests me too! Let’s chat.” See how simple that was? The key there is that you show that you have read his profile and you have something in common. Now, make sure YOU REALLY DO have something in common before sending that message. Another HUGE tip we can tell you about How to Date a Sugar Daddy: NEVER LIE. It’s not going to turn out well for either of you, and he WILL find out. The best thing about Sugar Daddy Dating is that you don’t need to lie. This is a mutual benefit relationship. It’s an arranged transaction. It’s something fun, something temporary, and something completely customizable in a way that will work for both parties involved. EVERYONE should win in a Sugar relationship.

How to Date a Sugar Daddy: Suggesting the Date

Now that you have made the first step and engaged in a conversation with a potential Sugar Daddy, does he sound like someone you’d like to meet? If the conversation has been good and you seem to have similar interests and a similar vibe then why not suggest an in person meeting? Sometimes your potential Sugar Daddy will make the first move on this, but like we said above: why wait if it seems great? So are you ready to learn How to Date a Sugar Daddy and decide on a date? If you’re the one that’s choosing a first date, there’s a couple things to consider. The first and foremost is safety. It’s NEVER a good idea to invite anyone over to your place or ask to meet at their place and there’s several reasons for that. First of all, you don’t know this person in any other way that through a screen. Second of all, you have no idea what his family situation is like. A lot of Sugar Daddies are married, and you’re going to have to get used to that fact. Want our best suggestion on How to Date a Sugar Daddy offline? Make the first date short and public. A casual lunch at your favorite spot is a good choice to make. If you want to build some failsafes just in case something doesn’t seem to be going wrong you might want to consider making some appointments in the afternoon and make sure that he knows you have a couple of errands and meetings you need to attend to in a few hours. It’s always a good decision to do this whether or not you’re worried about what might happen. The first date should always be short and sweet, just like the first message. (We talk about the first date more, here).

How to Date a Sugar Daddy: Getting Prepared

How to Date a Sugar Daddy: Getting PreparedNow that you know How to Date a Sugar Daddy and take that online conversation to an offline face-to-face in person meeting, we’re going to very briefly touch on the subject of getting prepared for the first date. If you want some more intensive tips about the first date with your sugar daddy, check out this article! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this: look confident, walk confident, and talk confident. He is a gentleman and he is looking for a woman, not a girl.

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