Act Like You Care To Get More From Your Sugar Daddy

Act Like You Care To Get More From Your Sugar Daddy

Caring means sharing in the sugar daddy dating world. If you want more from your sugar daddy, act like you care about what he says and does to get more. Giving your sugar daddy your time is great, but showing him that you care about him could be the difference between a small allowance and a big allowance. If your SD feels appreciated, he’ll want to give you more, and even if you are indifferent to him as a partner, playing the part could really pay off.

Give Him Your Undivided Attention

Your sugar daddy wants to feel like the man, and likes that you’re happy to see and hear from him. If you’re on a date, put your phone away and let him lead the conversation. This might sound like a control thing, but all he wants is to feel like you have been looking forward to seeing him. He’s likely been anticipating your meeting all day or week, and knowing that you feel the same is a major boost in his confidence. Sugar daddies are in search of a girl who’s going to dote all over them, and appreciate the effort that they put into taking care of them. You’ll strike gold if you show that you’re proud to have such a caring sugar daddy to take care of you. It’s more than superficial, it’s beneficial to getting what you really want.  

Put On Your Acting Shoes

Even if you’re not in the mood to see your sugar daddy, get in the mood by tapping into your hidden acting skills. Remember that you’re more on his schedule than your own, and if you want to embrace the sugar baby lifestyle, you’re going to have to work for it a little. Being a sugar baby isn’t for everyone, and there might be some ups and downs that you’ll have to get used to, but you’re a strong, confident woman and your goal is to get paid, so you might have to put on the sugar baby act even if you’re not feeling it. Remind yourself why you signed up for this kind of arrangement and you’ll be back on track in no time. Being a sugar baby can be easy if you learn how to play the game. Your sugar daddy wants your time and wants to feel like he’s the man, after all, he is the one who’s taking care of you. If you want your arrangement to last, you’re going to have to play your part. Some days will be harder than others, but you have it in you to do what you have to do to keep things smooth and long lasting. An allowance can come easy if you treat your sugar daddy right.

If you want to keep getting paid, sometimes you have to act like you care about your sugar daddy even if you don’t. Meet sugar daddies that you WILL care about here.