Are You A Real Sugar Baby? |

Are You A Real Sugar Baby?

Being a sugar baby ain’t easy, it takes a certain kind of woman to embrace the lifestyle and run with it. Find out if you have what it takes to be one. If you’re thinking about rich dating, or you already are, there are certain things you have to embrace to make your sugar baby lifestyle work. To be a successful sugar baby, you’ll need to embrace the traits listed below. If you’re already a sugar baby, see if you’re on the right track.

Push Your Feelings Aside

Your feelings matter, but your drama doesn’t. If you want your sugar daddy to stay with you long-term, and you want to get a lot out of him, steer clear of damaging emotions. The more you separate your feelings from the allowance that you’ll get if you keep it mutual, the more you’ll benefit, guaranteed.

Have Patience

Don’t expect to get it all upfront. A sugar baby works for her money. You need to spend time with your sugar daddy, make him feel special, go on dates, hook up, and whatever else you two agreed on, in order to get paid. If you really want that money though, you need to put in time. You won’t get rich overnight, but if you play your cards right, you’ll have it all.

Never, Ever Settle

Remember that sugar daddies want to spoil you. They join sugar daddy dating sites, and flash their credit cards because they want to take control financially. If they start trying to take control of you in other ways, that’s a different story, but the point is, you should be financially demanding of your SD. Don’t settle for some broke guy who’s ‘getting his sh*t’ together when you could be living it up in style. That’s what real sugar babies do. They aren’t shy to ask for what they want.

Expect To Get Paid After A Date

A good sugar baby knows that she’s going to get paid after a date. She expects it and isn’t afraid to ask for it. There are no freebies when rich dating, and both parties are in the arrangement to get something out of it. If you ever find that you’re giving up your time, and aren’t getting anything in return, it’s time to move onto the next. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field in the sugar daddy dating world. The exchange of your SD’s money to you is part of the deal, and he better be willing to offer it up once you’ve put in your time. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be a pro sugar baby in no time. Sugar daddy dating is special when you know how to work it to your advantage to get what you want, and you should never be shy to ask for what you want.

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