On Date #1 – Set Ground Rules With Your Sugar Daddy

Tell Your Sugar Daddy What You Want

Set your expectations on date #1 when you start sugar daddy dating. Don’t lead your sugar daddy on, and make sure he knows exactly what you want upfront. There’s no better time than date #1 to be completely open and honest about what you want. Be as specific as possible to set the pace of your relationship/ arrangement. If a sugar daddy is meant to be your sugar daddy, he’ll be on board.

Create A Dating Schedule

Create A Dating Schedule If you’re busy and your sugar daddy is busy, or you just have a life that isn’t suitable for random meetings, phone calls, and texts, set a schedule so that you both know when it’s a good time to communicate. Avoid the possibility of trouble by blocking out times when you can be fully available. If your sugar daddy does the same thing, you’ll both feel important and needed.

Don’t Send Random Messages

Don't Send Random Messages If there’s something that you need to ask your sugar daddy, wait until your scheduled time to talk to him unless you guys have another system worked out. The most common form of communication outside of your scheduled hours is either through the dating site you met on, or via e-mail. A secret e-mail account will ensure that you have privacy, and will also allow you to send emergency messages if something comes up.

Don’t Become Too Attached

Don't Become Too Attached A lot of sugar babies branch out and expand their options. When you start relying too much on one person, you risk losing everything. Of course that doesn’t apply to all cases, but sometimes it’s a good idea to have a back up option just in case. This is especially important if you’re using your sugar daddy cash flow to keep up an apartment, pay bills, or for other everyday living expenses. Becoming too reliant on someone takes too much control away from you, and you never want to give up all control. Being a sugar baby means getting what you want. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Keep a safe distance emotionally and financially from your sugar daddy, and should anything happen, you’ll be just fine. Ground rules are important for any rich dating relationship. There’s nothing more important than knowing what your sugar daddy will give you, and making it clear what you want from your sugar daddy. Things could change in an instant, and being prepared for any scenario will keep you afloat should things go completely sideways. Learn from others who have gone through the same things. Sugar baby support systems will set you up for the best arrangement that you’ll ever have in your life.

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