Rich Dating – Why Sugar Babies Really Hate Commitment

Why Sugar Babies Hate Commitment

Sugar daddy dating is the best thing to happen to sugar babies, because they hate commitment, love getting paid, and want everything on their own terms. A woman chooses the sugar daddy dating scene, more often than not, because she doesn’t want to settle down. She’s not looking for a relationship, she wants to be independent, and she doesn’t want the pressure that comes with a serious relationship.

Sugar Babies And Relationships

Sugar Babies And Relationships A sugar baby knows that with her sugar daddy, she can be herself. She can put in the time it takes to acquire a certain lifestyle, but then she can leave when she wants, pull back if she wants, and find a new sugar daddy if the current one doesn’t serve her needs. A lot of women who have sugar daddies have a hard time dating, so they don’t even try. It’s hard to have a regular relationship when you have to explain where your money’s coming from. Not all guys are against their girlfriends having a sugar daddy, but it’s rare that they will accept it long-term. The relationship is more of a fling than something serious. Sugar babies create their own relationships, and tailor them to their needs. They find sugar daddies that give them space, and if they do choose to date outside of their arrangement, they find guys who won’t mind their lifestyles, or they keep it to themselves.

Independence Works For Sugar Babies

Independence Works For Sugar Babies It’s easier to get what you want as a sugar baby when you can do what you want, when you want, without answering to anybody. If you don’t have a serious thing going on with your sugar daddy, because you’re just getting paid, and you don’t have a serious relationship outside of your arrangement, then you have nothing holding you back. You’re free to build your own empire, and you don’t have to bring anyone along for the ride. Sugar babies LOVE their freedom, and will very seldom give it up. If you are threatening a sugar baby’s freedom, and require any sort of commitment from her, you might lose her. For a sugar baby to accept a relationship, there has to be room to grow, room to breathe, and room to make spur of the moment decisions. The only way a relationship would work with a sugar baby is if both parties were too busy working on themselves, that they didn’t have extra time to stress over one another. It happens, and there are definitely matches out there for a sugar baby outside of her sugar daddy set up. Sugar babies won’t be open to any sort of commitment if it means jeopardizing the lifestyle she worked so hard to achieve, so if you’re thinking about it, don’t even try unless you’re willing to compromise.

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