You Should Never Have To Pay On A Sugar Daddy Date

Never Pay On Sugar Daddy Dates

Never Pay On Sugar Daddy Dates Rich dating is different. You should never be expected to pay on a sugar daddy date because your sugar daddy is there to pay for and take care of you. It’s kind of a rule that doesn’t need to be talked about. If your sugar daddy looks at you, or hesitates when the check’s dropped off at the table, unless he’s asking you if you want another round, you should consider dropping him. It’s not because you’re too good to pay, or you don’t have the means to, but sugar daddy dating is different. Being a sugar daddy means footing the bill for a lot more than dinner, and being a sugar baby means reaping all the benefits. None of this is brand new information, and your sugar daddy SHOULD know better, but sometimes there are a few newbies to this dating lifestyle that need a minute to catch up.

Let Your SD Take Care Of You

Let Your SD Take Care Of You Maybe you want to pay to show you care, or you feel like you want to prove your independence. Don’t. Once you set that example, it might start to be expected. You can show your sugar daddy that you care by spending time with him, listening to his stories, asking how his day went, and showing him a great time in the bedroom, but you don’t ever have to foot the bill for anything. Even if your conscience kicks in for a minute, push the urge to act like you’re in a relationship aside. This is not a 50/50 situation, and it never has to be. When you started dating your sugar daddy, it was expected that he pays for everything, including your expensive taste and lifestyle. Don’t try to turn your arrangement into something it’s not by offering up his cash back to him. Keep your wallet closed, and if he has anything to say about it, graciously remind him of why you two are on a date in the first place.

Your sugar daddy should never, and will likely never, ask you to pay for anything. You’re in good hands with sugar daddies when it comes to money because they understand the arrangement. Sugar daddy dating is unlike regular dating, so it’s best to separate the two as much as possible. Constantly remind yourself why you’re dating a sugar daddy and you’ll quickly learn that you can be as selfish as you want. He’s getting your company in return, so remember that he also has a really great deal set up. Next time you’re on a date with your SD, order the most expensive thing on the menu, and don’t worry about playing the part of independent woman when the check comes. Don’t even acknowledge it, and let your SD swipe his own card.

You should never pay on a date with your sugar daddy. There are thousands of sugar daddies here that want to take you out for a night on the town. Put your wallet away and start introducing yourself to guys that have more than enough to spoil you.