Honeydaddy.com: A Terrible Dating Site For Everyone!

Honeydaddy.com: A Terrible Dating Site

honeydaddies-sugar-daddy-dating-scam-site Honeydaddy.com is a terrible dating site for both rich mature older men and hot sugar babies who are looking for a lasting relationship. The site is so flawed, you do not get what you are promised at all. Looking back at this entire experience makes my blood boil even now, but I want to be sure to let ladies who are thinking of joining honeydaddy.com know that they should NOT do it! I’m telling you now, that you will NOT be happy with your results if you decide to join honeydaddy.com. Although, if you are looking for a sugar daddy for a one night stand or a quick lay, then this is the site for you. These guys will not be a true sugar daddy to you, though, they will not take care of you or help you out financially in any way. The guys on this site are old, ugly and they are losers!

What To Expect

I wanted to be sure to find the perfect sugar daddy for me so I took a great deal of time to honestly complete my profile when I signed up. After paying for a membership so that I could get the most out of HONEYDADDY.COM, these were my results after 3 months of use: 133 messages sent 27 responses 200 messages received (mostly spam) 7 dates 1 hookup The dates were always in obscure places for me. It was clear that these sugar daddies were being careful not to be caught out in public with me, that should have been a red light right there, but I kept on trying to find the right guy for me. And the 1 hookup was a moment of weakness. The sugar daddy made me believe that there we were headed for a relationship, but after we had sex, I never heard from him again.

honeydaddie-sugar-daddy-dating-scamNegative Features Of Hotsugarbabies.com

NO ‘REAL’ RELATIONSHIPS If you’re looking for a relationship, honeydaddy.com is NOT the site to find it. I like dating older men. I find that they are more on my level and easier to relate to and I am looking for a relationship here. I don’t want to just get laid. Unfortunately, every sugar daddy that I was matched up with was only looking for sex. Not my thing, and although I put this in my profile, that’s what I was matched up with. TOO MANY SECRETS Many of the sugar daddies that I found on honeydaddy.com are looking for someone for a discreet sexual relationship as most of these men are married. I am not into keeping all kinds of secrets. I like dating older men and I’m proud of it. That being said, I want everyone to know about it and I want him to take me out on the town and flaunt me around, but these guys can’t do that because I am their dirty little secret. TERRIBLE MATCHES After completing a long questionnaire and being very specific about what it is that I want and am looking for, I NEVER received a perfect match. The sugar daddies on Honeydaddy.com are not the kind of men that are of interest to me. I thought that maybe it was just how I answered the questions that were asked when I completed my profile so I went in and refined them and still no luck with better matches. Either the perfect sugar daddy doesn’t exist on the site or the algorithm that HoneyDaddy.com is using is horrendous. I have a feeling that it is a bit of both.

Is It Worth It?

No, no, no and a thousand times NO! This is such a terrible dating website! It does not match you up with sugar daddies who are right for you in anyway. Save yourself the disappointment of joining this dating scam and your valuable time, DO NOT JOIN honeydaddy.com. Check out more reviews of dating websites that will be of use to you at Bangrichguys Reviews. In the end, I canceled my membership and moved on to find a sugar daddy that’s right for me.