The Bad and Worse Of Dating With

The Bad and Worse Of Dating With Is The Worst Dating Site Out There! Is The Worst Dating Site Out There! is one of the worst dating websites, if not THE worst dating website, out there today! To say that it’s a bad dating site that doesn’t deliver is a huge understatement! This really is the worst dating site scam that I’ve ever come across in my many years of online dating. Right from the start, the site boasts that there are thousands of sugar daddies that are members that are local to you and that you will not have a problem finding rich older men, who are looking to take care of hot younger women. says that they are the number one online dating site out there today, but I can tell you that this is NOT the case AT ALL. My experiences have been far, far, far from good ones and I want to be sure that I share my story so that anyone else out there looking to join knows the truth first.

What To Expect

I was sitting around with some girlfriends a few months ago and telling them how I wanted to find a rich older man to take care of me, pay my bills and make things a bit easier for me. That was when one of them suggested I check out to see if I could find what it is that I was looking for. So I created my profile that night. I had it up for a total of 3 months and then decided that I’d given the site enough chances and it was time to cancel my membership. Let me tell you why I canceled. I’ve got some pretty accurate results here. Below is how everything panned out for me in my 3 month stint with 173 messages sent 21 responses 20 messages received 3 dates 0 hookups

Negative Features Of

NO LOCAL MEMBERS: FALSE, FALSE, FALSE! There really weren’t many mature gentlemen from my area, often when we started to send messages to one another to see if there was a connection we would both quickly learn that we were in fact 40 or more minutes away from each other. When I signed up for, I was lead to believe that I would find local men who were looking for a sugar baby like myself to date. What a disappointment! NOT PRIVATE AND SECURE: This too was not true. I joined and shared a few pictures when I created my profile. Not long after I found these pictures on other dating sites and on the web. It was clear that my pictures had been sold without my permission. These pictures were only ever used on this site, so I know that was to blame here. I also had charges on my credit card that were not mine, I barely use this card, so it was obvious to me right away that my private information had been shared with the WRONG people. When I sent a message to, it was ignored and dismissed as if it was not their fault for this information being ‘out there’. DOESN’T WORKS ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES When I read that would work on all mobile devices, I was excited right from the start. I figured that there would be an app that I could get to use to access the members portion of the site, but no, this was again, not the case. I had to open my web browser to use the site properly to find members, send emails and receive them as well. What a waste of my data. I was not impressed with this at all.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely NOT! Do not join! It is a terrible online dating website. It is not safe and is a dating scam and they do not care about the privacy of their members. Find a dating website that works for you by reading our: Bangrichguys Reviews. Needless to say, I am no longer a member of and I’m constantly telling my friends to stay away from it as often as I can.