A Dreadful Dating Experience A Dreadful Dating Experience A Dreadful Dating Experience A Dreadful Dating Experience is another disappointing sugar daddy and sugar baby online dating site that does not give you what it is that you are looking for. Sadly, this is yet another scam site that is riddled with fake profiles and promises. I was eager to sign up and give a shot to see if I would finally be able to find a sugar daddy (or two, or three) who wanted to take care of me. I’m looking for someone to help me pay my way through school and since I like spending time with older men, it made sense to try to find a sugar daddy who is willing to make a business arrangement with me in exchange for some companionship, dating, and some fun. This is NOT what I found with, I didn’t actually find anyone tangible to date at all in the end!

What To Expect

I set out to find myself a sugar daddy (or a few of them), that could take care of me and help to pay my way through school, so I signed up to SECRETBENEFITS.COM. I was hopeful that I would find the right guy who was interested in me as a person and who would be eager to take care of me so, I signed up for a membership and created a profile. Here are my stats for the 3 months: 97 messages sent 13 responses 77 messages received 4 dates 0 hookups I know that I made a promise to myself right from the start, but this might have been my biggest mistake yet. is a TOTAL scam!

Negative Features Of

Negative Features Of NO BACKGROUND CHECKS: The sugar daddies that are on this site are often not RICH at all. SECRETBENEFITS.COM does not do background checks to be sure that the men that are using the site are rich. They also do not check to be sure that the men are honest, or that they are not criminals, or that they are on the site for the right reasons, which to date younger women with the understanding that they will take care of them in the form of giving these women money. THE MATCHES DON’T WORK: I found so many sugar daddies were messaging me who were not what I was looking for on We did not have the same things in common, the men were not willing to help to pay my way through school and they were not looking for a sugar baby like myself what wanted to be taken out on the town on extravagant dates. FALSE PROMISE OF THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS: When I started using the site, I was lead to believe that there would be thousands of sugar daddies who were looking for a hot young sugar baby like myself. I sent a lot of messages in the 3 months that I was a member and often waited a long time for responses from these men. When I did get a response, many of them were full of spelling errors or were the exact same message from several ‘different’ men. After doing a bit of digging, I quickly found many of the photos of the sugar daddies that I had messaged on other sites. It was as if had found a stock photo and used it as their own.

Is It Worth It?

SECRETBENEFITS.COM is not worth you spending any of your very valuable time (or money) on. The site claims to be free for ladies, but if you want to be able to actually set up any real dates you will need to pay for a membership. The success rate is brutal, essentially, there is nothing that I can say about that is good in any way. What I can tell you is that you need to do your research first before you sign up and create your profile. It would be a good idea for you to check out our positive sugar daddy dating reviews at HERE. I am positive that there are some good sugar daddy / sugar baby sites out there that work, but this is NOT one of them!