A Dating Site Full Of Lies: Seekingmillionaire.com

A Dating Site Full Of Lies: Seekingmillionaire.com

Seekingmillionaire.com: Dating At It’s Worst

Seekingmillionaire.com: Dating At It's Worst Seekingmillionaire.com is a dating site that is full of lies! There’s nothing good that comes from this site. The sugar daddies do not tell the truth, EVER! When I set out to give online dating a try I choose SEEKINGMILLIONAIRE.COM because the title is EXACTLY what it was that I was looking for, a rich older man to be my sugar daddy and take care of me. It’s unfortunate, but that is the farthest thing from what I found on the site. SeekingMillionaire.com is filled with liars, stalkers, and men who feel that it’s necessary to give their entire sob story to find a sugar baby to date. Honestly, I wanted to find a well established sugar daddy who I could actually have an intelligent conversation with. This is NOT what I encountered in the slightest with SeekingMillionaire.com.

What To Expect

I am not ashamed to admit that my sole purpose for my ‘dating’ life right now is to find a nice rich sugar daddy who can take care of me and will help me to pay my way through school or at least pay some of my bills. I gave seekingmillionaire.com a good ol’ college try and stuck it out for 3 full months. Have a look at how I fared in those 3 months: 25 messages sent 12 responses 101 messages received 7 dates 0 hookups What a complete BS site! There was so much wrong with seekingmillionaire.com, but most of all the site is a complete dating scam and not worth anyone’s time! What To Expect

Negative Features Of Seekingmillionaire.com

LIARS AND LOTS OF THEM: SEEKINGMILLIONAIRE.COM is full of liars. Many of the sugar daddies on the site exaggerate far too much about themselves and outright lie. They lie about what it is that they are looking for, what they are willing to ‘help’ a sugar baby out with financially and about how much money they actually have. I quickly found that the sugar daddies were not rich enough to be on this site, it was more like so many of them work looking for a hot young sugar baby for sex but were not willing to give anything back in return. SO MANY STALKERS: Far too many of the sugar daddies on seekingmillionaire.com are creepy and were stalking me. There were several times that I told a sugar daddy that I was not interested after finding out a bit about them, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. There were constant messages, one sugar daddy sent me 21 messages in one day after I had told him I wasn’t interested. The worst part of this whole thing is that when I reported the stalkers to the site admin they didn’t do anything about it! I was assured that these men would be removed immediately from the site, but each time I found the guys still active on seeking millionaire. TOO MUCH INFO: I get that you have to complete a profile and answer questions to do so, but I found that many of the sugar daddies were giving TOO much information. To be honest, I don’t care about your failed marriage or how you have alimony and child support to pay. I’m not trying to be heartless, but the site is for young hot sugar babies like myself to find men who are willing to make a financial agreement for a date, companionship, a relationship and/or sex.

Is It Worth It?

SeekingMillionaire.com is a site that falls short in so many ways. The site is full of creepy dishonest old men, who share too much information about themselves and don’t know when to leave you alone. I would HIGHLY recommend that you steer clear of this site at all costs. You will not get what it is that you want from any man. Let me tell you that you need to check out more online dating reviews HERE. These reviews will easily steer you towards the right sites to use to date a sugar daddy.