The Worst Dating Experience Ever! The Worst Dating Experience Ever!

Don’t Waste Your Time With

Don't Waste Your Time With is the worst dating site out there. This site is a scam, and you won’t find rich older men to date or take care of you, it just doesn’t work. When I first signed up for, I was excited to see if I could finally find what I was looking for, nice rich older guys who wanted to treat me like gold, shower me with gifts and take care of me. What a huge disappointment! I can’t tell you enough how unhappy I’ve been with my experience. Right from the start, I was told lies, lies, lies! To say that my experience was terrible and that I did not get what I was promised is an understatement. Sure it was easy to sign up for my free account, but I didn’t get anything with the free account so I was forced to pay for a membership to be able to even send a wink or an email. This is not what I was led to believe when I first checked out, I was led to believe that everything would be free and that I would be able to find the man of my dreams without having to pay for it.

What To Expect

I tried out for 3 months because I wanted to be fair and actually give the site a shot. To give you an idea here are my stats after trying out for 3 full months: 162 messages sent 25 responses 1 message received 4 dates 1 hookup What To Expect

Negative Features Of

NOT FREE: Sugar daddies is NOT a free site. You are led to believe when you join that the site is free to use, but this is only true if you want to troll. If you actually want to send and receive emails and go on any dates you need to sign up for the paid membership. What a crock! Why not just say that right from the start? I was excited to give this site a try but wanted to see if it was even worth it first and wasn’t able to do anything with the ‘Free Membership’. TOTAL SCAM: promises that the men on the site are rich and good-looking. I only met one truly rich good-looking guy in the entire 3 months what I was using the site. There actually aren’t many REAL men on the site. Often it took days for me to get a response and the ones that I got were the worst. It was as if I was getting a form letter response, a fill in the blanks, it was terrible. NOT RICH: There are no checks and balances to see if the men that sign up to use the site are actually, in fact, rich at all. Essentially anyone can sign up to use the site and claim to be rich without even being rich!

Is It Worth It?

As a hot younger woman who is looking to find someone who wants to take care of me, I was extremely disappointed. There were so few REAL men on the site that were rich and looking to take care of hot gal like myself. I spent a lot of time on this fake dating site trying to get a date or two and just wasn’t really successful at all. I mean, why am I spending so much time on a site and getting so little out of it? just isn’t worth your time, money or effort. With such crappy results, very few actual dates or hookups and not a single successful relationship, I have to warn you that this is a complete waste of your time and money. Whether you’re looking to get laid or you’re looking for something long-term, does not deliver at ALL, the site is full of duds, duds, and more duds! Check out more helpful reviews at: Bangrichguys Reviews. Needless to say, I canceled my membership ASAP, so that I could find a real site that caters to a sugar baby like me who wants to date a real sugar daddy.