– No. 1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site – No. 1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site Review: Simply The Best Sugar Daddy Dating Site Review: Simply The Best Sugar Daddy Dating Site is the Number 1 sugar daddy dating site on the web today. This is THE site to find rich older men who are looking to give you the world. It is a top notch sugar daddy dating site for sugar babies to find rich and successful older men who have tons of money to spend on a girl like you. has so many amazing features that make it the best dating site. makes it easy to join. It’s far easier than any other site that I’ve come across. After a few minutes, you’re up and running and ready to meet rich older men who are looking for gals like you.

First Impressions Of

1. The men on the site are real and they are legit. is legit. All sugar babies are required to have their age and photo verified and each sugar daddy must have his identity and income checked and verified as well. 2. Excellent advanced search tool. You can easily narrow down your search by choosing criteria that is important to them such as income, education level, location, ethnic background and drinking habits. 3. Excellent, user-friendly mobile App. It’s easy to swipe left or right to decide if you’re interested in someone or if you want to pass. If you have someone that likes you as well you will become instant matches. 4. Unique and one of a kind. is easily above all other dating sites that are geared towards sugar daddy and sugar baby dating, relationships, and hookups. They care about their members and will work hard to ensure each one is happy with their results. Being young and single today is fun and exciting! I’ve always found that I have a better connection with men who are older than me, so SUGARDADDYMEET.COM is the perfect site for me. I love that each man that I’ve chatted with has been real, that they are honest and that they appreciate that I am honest. I’ve found it easy to make connections with sugar daddies and time and time again have been showered with gifts, money and lavish trips from men that I have met here. Creating an account and profile are so simple it should be a crime. Look no further than, the site where you can make all of our desires and wishes come true. It is the Number 1 dating site for a reason and there isn’t just one!

My Results After Using For 3 Months:

Sent 120 messages Received 100 responses 193 Messages Received 28 Dates My results are unreal! The time spent on has been worth every second. I never thought that I would be so happy with my results! I would have gone on more dates in the 3 months, but I found that an average of one every 3 days was more than enough for me. My Results After Using For 3 Months:

Approaches That Were Helpful To Find The Right Sugar Daddy:

1. Being Straightforward With Open Communication I quickly found that it is best to be straightforward right from the start. I’m always a straight shooter when I meet a sugar daddy online and I find that these men really appreciate it. I let them know right away what it is that I expect as well as what I have to offer them. I don’t sugar coat anything anymore. I find that it’s best this way. Talking about expectations before we even meet is extremely important so that everyone is aware of what is expected of them. 2. Don’t Be Afraid To Send A Message First While searching for sugar daddies that were interesting to me I sent out a ton of messages making the first contact. This was a win-win situation for me because it showed that I was interested enough to tell men how I felt and they, in turn, responded with gifts, winks, compliments and so much more!

Features Of

1. Mobile Access – Using SUGARDADDYMEET.COM was so simple to do from my cell phone. I really liked that all in needed to do was swipe left if I wanted to pass on a sugar daddy and swipe right if I saw a sugar daddy that I was interested in. 2. First Date Gift – When you meet a sugar daddy here there is a unique idea that the makers of the site have introduced – A First Date Gift. This helps to break the ice in those awkward first few minutes of. The idea is that if you as the sugar baby decides to accept the gift you are immediately letting the sugar daddy know that you see the possibility of more dates, companionship and possibly a relationship in your future.

Tips For Using

Know when to accept a date with a sugar daddy and when to politely decline and move on. Be sure to get to know a potential sugar daddy a bit first before you make your decision. Don’t talk about the other sugar daddies that you may be chatting with. It’s okay to chat with several sugar daddies and even be dating several of them at the same time, but don’t advertise this. Don’t bring up what past sugar daddies may have done for you with a new potential suitor. You don’t want these men to feel as though they are being compared to another man. Above all else be honest. Don’t over exaggerate or tell a sugar daddy something that isn’t true. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get caught in a lie and ruin anything that you’ve already got going with a new sugar daddy. Give him the opportunity to pay for every part of the date. This IS the reason why you’re on a sugar daddy dating site anyways, so allow him to take care of you! Accept gifts, money, trips, etc. This is all part of the arrangement that the two of you have made right from the start.

What I Didn’t Like About

What I Didn't Like About No real complaints here. If I had to choose something, it would be that I need to be less busy with life so that I have more time to meet rich older sugar daddies who are looking to take care of me in every way.

Conclusion: has many features that make it the number 1 online dating site for sugar babies who are looking for a sugar daddy to take care of them in every way. This site doesn’t mess around, it boasts that it is for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies and vise versa and it IS exactly that! guaranteed that you will be a very happy gal with the choice that you make here.