A Sugar Baby Should Never Get Attached To A Sugar Daddy

Never Get Too Attached To Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy dating comes and goes. Men are looking for something on the side, sugar babies are looking for income, but life goes one, and people move on. It’s always great while it lasts, and you should enjoy every minute of sugar daddy dating. Knowing when to move on from your sugar daddy, or preparing for the day that he moves on is all a part of the process. Never get too comfortable with your sugar daddy’s money because you never know when things could change.

Saving Up For The Break Up

Maybe your relationship with your sugar daddy is everlasting, but maybe it’s not, and that’s why you should plan ahead. If you have a career, and your sugar daddy money is just extra income, and even if your sole income is your allowance, put some aside every time you get paid. It’s always smart to have a cushion in case of emergency, or if your situation changes. If you rely on your sugar baby allowance, and you spend every dime in between pay days, that’s great if you have back up. If you don’t have back up, you should have a plan in place. You don’t want to be left penniless if your circumstances change, and you’re left searching for a new sugar daddy.

Nothing Lasts Forever

You’ll find over time, and with more sugar baby experience, that nothing lasts forever. Your sugar daddy could move, go through a bitter divorce battle, or sadly, even pass away. You likely won’t be in his will if you’ve been kept a secret for so long, so never rely on that. You need to prepare for the day when the money stops flowing in. Some sugar babies will have at least 2 sugar daddies, or will have a list of back up daddies just in case. Plan for your future and never be the reason for your financial downfall. Save a little now so that it will pay off later. If your sugar daddy is helping you invest in a business venture, get things in writing. Starting a business with the promise of start up capital is a great feeling, but don’t leave room for your sugar daddy to pull out at the last minute. Either have him pay you up front, or sign a document saying that even if your affair goes south, he still has to give you the money. Smart sugar babies create situations that can’t fail. Be smart, and don’t make silly mistakes just because you’re living in the moment. If the money is great, invest in growing it so that it serves you for years to come. There’s nothing worse than waking up one day and having to start all over again.

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